Recent News

Our lab's first paper is published in Nature

September 23, 2022

Please check out the research briefing for a summary of our work: Programmable Material Learns to Morph.

Our manuscript led by Yun is accepted in Nature

July 1, 2022

We introduce a programmable surface that can learn to morph into target shapes. Congratulations, Yun, and many thanks to our collaborators!

Our paper is online in PNAS

April 24, 2021

Our work on continuous monitoring of respiratory biomarkers for COVID-19 patients is online in PNAS. Great thanks to all the collaborators who played pivotal roles to make this happen!

Xiaoyue is joining Duke MEMS and B&B as a faculty member this fall

May 1, 2020

Xiaoyue is starting a tenure-track faculty appointment as an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science and Biostatistics and Bioinformatics at Duke University, effective on Nov 1, 2020.